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TBS Vendetta V1/V2 7inch Endurance arms

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If you've never flown long range, this is your chance! With the 7" arm upgrade for the Vendetta, you can increase the reach to up to 5km horizontal, 2.5km vertical with just a 2200mAh 4S battery! With the suggested TBS Crossfire, the sky literally is the limit, and the Vendetta becomes a very gentle cruising platform, that can still unleash the fury when necessary!

To be used with DIRECT DRIVE 7X4.5" PROPELLERS

CW and CCW props here!


  • 1x 7" Carbon fiber arm
  • 2x TBS ENDURANCE MOTORS (Installed)
  • 2x Arms motor bumper/cover
  • 2x Prop mount nut


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US$ 59.95