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RiteWing ZII Wing

The ZII is a great wing for the casual and seasoned FPV pilot who is looking for something that is fairly easy to build and also cheaper than the TBS Zephyr. A new type of foam adds strengthens the wings without a lot of spars and reinforcements, a little increased size gives better floating capabilities. For ultimate durability and crash resistance, we suggest the optional ZII bay which beefs up the middle section which is a known weak spot on the ZII. The ZII bay harbors two TBS 4S 3300mAh batteries.

ZII or TBS Zephyr - what should I buy?

The TBS Zephyr is exclusively available through TBS. The ZII is the successor model and features many improvements over the standard "TBS Zephyr". Regardless, the TBS Zephyr is made out of EPP, which is more durable. The build process is more reliable, but also takes a lot more time. We take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation by building part of the TBS Zephyr for you. All that is already done in the ZII.

If you're looking for a plane to casually fly around in short to medium ranges, the ZII is your best ticket to success. When the best is only barely good enough, the TBS Zephyr is for you.

What comes in the package?

You get the wing with elevons, a custom TBS motor mounting solution and all the spars necessary to build the plane. Electronics are not included, you can add them to your order below.


Photos (c) by Kayli Harden


Build instructions

As always, TBS planes come with extensive build log and equipment setup. Because nobody enjoys reading, here's the build log video from start to finish split into two parts, including a short test flight.


ATTENTION: Cannot be shipped by regular air due to volume and weight, please select EMS or UPS.

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