TBS Caipirinha


Designed around wing pilots who like to fly far, and low. Take out the TBS Caipirinha to experience an adventure surfing mountains or cruising beaches.

With a top end speed of 90km/h and an effective range of 10km and back, the TBS Caipirinha is ready for any adventure you can throw at it!

Check out the video that we made, showcasing the capabilities of a TBS Caipirinha!

This is a take-anywhere, fly-anytime type of plane which doesn't cause a stir in local parks and is absolutely safe to fly. It will fit strapped onto any reasonably-sized backpack, and easily fit in the back of a small car.  

The molded EPP withstands tough crashes and stays in shape. Repairs are easy and fast. This is a wing that will stick with you through the rough times!

The TBS Caipirinha has more than enough open space to allow you to fit anything from an autonomous flight controller to a small animal onboard. In the kit we include the negative cutouts for your VTx, receiver and servos to allow you to customize the Caipirinha to your chosing. 

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