Crossfire Trade-in offer

Our customers have asked us to continue the trade-in programme, so we're happy to oblige. However, in order to keep this an ongoing and manageable effort, all orders will be shipped from Hong Kong (TBS HQ) using shipping method of our choosing (Priority Direct for EU, Registered Air Mail for all other countries)

How it works

  1. Fill out below form and print the generated PDF. One form per shipment, you can add multiple items per form (use the "+" and "-" icons)
  2. Ship items to the TBS facility located closest to you (addresses inside generated PDF)
  3. You will receive an order confirmation once the package has been received, with discounts applied
  4. Follow instructions in the email for payment. Package ships next working day for international orders, for local orders (USA, EU) the items will be shipped on each following Monday.

The fine print

The form

Personal Details


Purchase items (what you want discount on)

Item Qty Price add/del rows
Subtotal: $0.00
Discount: ($0.00)
Total: $0.00

Trade-in Items* (what you will send us)

Item Qty Discount add/del rows
Total Discount: $0.00

* please remember that discounts ONLY apply to TBS Crossfire products, purchased at TEAM-BLACKSHEEP.COM!