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TBS Micro Brushed Motors (0617 / 21000kv)

TBS Micro Brushed Motors (0617 / 21000kv)

Make your micro drone go hypersonic with the 0617 motors. Exclusive for the Cockroach frame!

US$ 14.99

Delivery time: In Stock

Do you feel that your Tinywhoop is alittle too slow? or is it lacking that extra juice to climb or bang corners?  Introducing the TBS Micro Brushed Motors, these are not your typical tinywhoop motors, running @ 21000kv, they are not built to last, but to melt faces. Pair them with our TBS X TINYWHOOP BRUSHED RACE PROPS, we promise they will give you a whole new experience of whooping. 

**Please be noted that these motors may not fit your current tinywhoop frame. As of now, only the Cockroach frame will fit. 


  • 2 x CW (Red / Blue Wires)
  • 2 x CCW (Black / White Wires)

US$ 14.99