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BetaFPV 75X 2S Whoop 10A with Crossfire BLOWOUT

BetaFPV 75X 2S Whoop 10A with Crossfire BLOWOUT

BetaFPV 75X 2S Whoop 10A with Crossfire

US$ 129.99

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  • Beta75X starts a new era of 2S whoop drones. With a big improvement in power you can fly acro, like with a larger quad, but it is still small, safe, and quiet enough to fly anywhere.
  • With the high-performance STM32F405 processor FC boards and tuned Betaflight Ominibus 3.5.0 firmware, anyone can fly the Beta75X drone like a racing professional.
  • A durable and light frame is customized for the Beta75X. A total weight of 41g gives pilots a good balance of weight and nice punch on a 2S battery.
  • All in one drone, no soldering or tinkering necessary. Customized with the lightest 1103 11000KV motors with cable connectors. Just plug and play.
  • 350mAh 2S high rate battery is the recommended default. But pilots could also use their whoop batteries with a replaced power cable. Optional and affordable.

Go Long Range!

With the TBS Crossfire NanoRX on board, you are ready to go far with this little beast!


  • Weight: 41g (without battery)
  • Motors: 1103 11000KV with connector
  • Props: 40mm 4-blades props, 1.5mm shaft hole
  • Camera: Z02 AIO Camera 35 degree
  • Battery:300mah 2S Battery


  • CPU: STM32F405
  • Six-Axis: MPU6000
  • Size: 26mm x 26mm, whoop mounting pattern
  • Firmware version: Betaflight OMNIBUSF4SD (OBSD) 3.5.0
  • OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)
  • Smart Audio port is available for radio control VTX


  • Support BLheli/BLHELI_S suite Pass-through ready
  • Dshot600 in default
  • Input voltage: 2S lipo
  • Cotinue current: 10A
  • Peak current: 15A 
  • Firmware: BLHELI_S
  • Processor: SILABS EFM8BB21F16G

AIO Camera VTX Specification

  • Output power: 0mW, 25mW and 200mW (Adjustable)
  • Smart Audio function is included for radio control
  • Antenna: Dipole ANT
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362~5945MHz
  • TV System: NTSC
  • Field of view: 100-120 degrees with 1/4 lens


  • 1 * Beta75X PNP 2S Whoop Quadcopter (With Crossfire Nano RX)
  • 1 * Spare 40mm 4-blades props (2CW+2CCW)
  • 1 * Spare Canopy

Customize it

US$ 129.99