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FalconMultirotors - Aero7 BLOWOUT

FalconMultirotors - Aero7 BLOWOUT

7 inches of clean, aerodynamic fury.

US$ 49.95

Delivery time: In Stock

Winner of DCL 2018

  • Team NEXXBlades won DCL 2018 with a modified version of the Aero7!

Bolt-on HD mounts

  • HD mounts bolt directly to the top of the canopy with 4 screws, so you can swap mounts quickly without taking the frame apart.
  • Free-to-print mounts will be available for Session, Hero, and 360° cameras.


  • Wheelbase 282mm
  • Prop size 6-7"
  • Weight 129g
  • Arm Dimensions 4.5mm thick, 10.5mm wide
  • Stack height up to 25mm

US$ 49.95