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FalconMultirotors - Velocity BLOWOUT

FalconMultirotors - Velocity BLOWOUT

Hybrid-Stretch X Racer from FalconMultiRotors is made to for serious racing pilots.

US$ 39.95

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Designed with Team Velocidrone

Headsup, Mewo, FlyingBear and SFPV all agree that the hybrid frame design (aka mullet quad) is ideal for racing. With 5" arms up front and 6" arms in the back, but 5" props all around, the rear props get clean air that keeps you tracking straight.

Team Velocidrone worked with us through several iterations of geometry to come up with something that feels and looks unlike anything else.

With both performance and aesetic given equal attention, Velocity has show-quad looks while still being an absolute beast on the track.

Vibration isolation built-in

Velocity ships with gummies that fit into the main plate to keep your stack completely vibration isolated.


  • Wheelbase 263mm
  • Prop size 5" front, 6" rear
  • Weight 75g
  • Arm Dimensions 5mm thick, 10.75mm wide
  • Stack height up to 25mm


US$ 39.95