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Airbot Openlager

Airbot Openlager

OpenLager is a better openlog from Team dronin

US$ 19.99

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OpenLager is a "better openlog" from Team dronin:

  • It's faster-- 4 bit SD interface clocked at 19.2MHz with DMA.
  • It has buffer memory to ride out times when the SD card is busy-- 125kbytes in current firmware.
  • It fits in a smaller form factor.
  • ESD protection (series resistors) on input pins.
  • And it has a flip-up microSD connector that is better at retaining the card in crashes and hard landings.
  • OpenLager is easy to use with async serial. First, wire according to the diagram below (an example of an OpenPilot-style connector is in the drawing). Note that you should attach the flight board's TX to openlager's RX pin!



US$ 19.99