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ClearView Racing Receiver TBS Edition BLOWOUT

ClearView Racing Receiver TBS Edition BLOWOUT

Better than digital! A new era in analog video reception - digitally enhanced and intelligent algorithms provide for amazingly stable video quality without the sacrifice for frame rate or latency! The TBS Edition comes complete with 2x 5dBi patch antennas and a Tripod mount!

US$ 299.95

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Better than digital

Iftron's new ClearView Racing Receiver outperforms both standard analog and more recent digital wireless video solutions. It virtually eliminates most of the problems and shortcomings of today's wireless video systems. Issues like glitches, dropouts, fades, tearing, latency, screen freeze and much more are virtually eliminated or drastically reduced, while ClearView's latency-free technology enhances range and provides a far more robust video link.

TBS has worked with ClearView to bring you the new Racing receiver at an unbeatable price. It comes with everything you need to get it set up, costs and weighs less than a digital system and ensures that you can use it with all of your existing drones. 

Compare for yourself

Check out this video that compares ClearView to a traditional 5.8 GHz receiver! Now keep in mind that you get to have this kind of video quality with all of the positive attributes of analog video!

More range, less dropouts, zero latency

ClearView achieves these performance gains by employing new, highly advanced techniques in the processing of standard wireless video signals. With ClearView, you keep your FPV gear and each racing quad remains affordable. ClearView leverages existing wireless video to provide far better and robust reception than anything you're used to. Far less dropouts than regular analog receivers, a lot more range, less cost and lower latency than any digital solution available! It's the headache-free way of participating at races and flying long range with mind-blowing FPV quality.

What can it do

Compared to options that you may be more familiar with, here are the benefits that ClearView brings to the table

Compared to traditional analog video Compared to Digital video
  • No Glitches
  • No Dropouts
  • No Horizontal Tearing
  • More Than Twice The Ultimate Range
  • Much Higher Immunity to Multipathing
  • Immunity to Cross-Polarization Null
  • No Dead-Zone
  • No Horizontal Noise Streaking
  • Receiver Side OSD
  • No Latency
  • Much Longer Range
  • No 'Falling Off The Cliff'
  • No Pairing and Re-Pairing Delay
  • No Screen Freeze
  • No Tiling
  • Similar Practical Resolution

See more comparison videos and the ClearView Racing Receiver Manual

Package contents

  • 1x Clearview Diversity Receiver
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 1x A/V cable for Goggle connectivity
  • 2x TBS Patch Antenna with Semi-Rigid adapter cable
  • 1x Receiver Mount for Tripods
  • 1x "Future proofing cable" (USB cable for updates and upgrades)
  • *Spectrum Analyzer upgrade included

US$ 299.95