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Copteruni - European A2 Drone License (Online Course)

Copteruni - European A2 Drone License (Online Course)

You are a drone pilot and do not know exactly what the new EU drone regulation means for you?

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You have probably heard about the new EU drone regulation, otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here.

And maybe you also have a lot of question marks in your head what exactly is coming up to you. You have probably spent a lot of time gathering information on various internet forums, Facebook communities, or with the help of YouTube videos. But somehow you don't know better than before. On the contrary, all this information confuses you more than it helps you. Your most urgent questions such as: "Can I still use my old drone?" or "What training do I need to complete in the future, to be allowed to continue to fly legally?" were not answered or were answered contradictory. Maybe you are even thinking about quitting your hobby or your drone business because a very bleak picture of the new EU drone law is being painted.

And maybe you have already realized that in the future you will need a license to fly in the open category. On your search for a suitable flight school, you might have noticed that there are still a few weeks to wait before there are free courses available, that they are not really flexible and probably you will have a rather long journey to get there. And all this without knowing what quality you will get for your hard-earned money.

And as always you need your drone license yesterday, you want to start right away and you need maximum flexibility.

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Course Curriculum

Air Law

As a certified drone pilot you should of course know what you are allowed to do with your drone and especially what you are not allowed to do. This is exactly what the chapter on air law is about. You will get to know the different categories with their rules, you will know how you have to behave as a pilot and operator and of course you will know how to deal with data protection and insurance issues.

In the end you will know all about air law and the different airspaces.


Most of the time you will probably fly outside with your drone. And since you will be exposed to the weather, as a future certified drone pilot you must have a good knowledge of meteorology.

In this module you will learn, for example, how the wind is generated and what influences it has on your drone. We also explain everything about temperature, visibility, pressure and density. And of course you will also learn how to do a proper weather briefing.

Principles of Flight

Have you always wondered why a plane flies at all or how the Multicopter manages to change its flight direction without having active control surfaces?

This is exactly what the chapter Principles of Flight is about.

We also show you how to determine the performance of your drone and how to calculate the center of gravity. In the end, you will know exactly what weight you can legally fly at what altitude.

General UAV Knowledge

In everyday life, flying a drone is quite simple. To achieve this, a lot of complex technology works in the background. And how this technology works is explained in the chapter General UAV Knowledge.

We take a step-by-step approach to the individual components and explain how they work. In the end you will know how the batteries, the remote control, the sensors, the different flight modes and the main controller of the drone work.

Flight Operations

The Chapter Flight Operations deals not only with the normal flight procedures but also with the abnormal procedures. You will learn how to evaluate the distance from people, how to handle emergency situations and of course also all the basic things of flying a drone. Additionally there is a part dealing with Human Performance and Limitations, where you will learn how to get the best performance out of yourself.


Of course you want to get your license in the end. And that is exactly what this chapter is about. Here we explain which documents you need for the exam, how to book an appointment and how you can prepare yourself for the exam day.

So you can take your exam in a relaxed manner and get your license in no time.

US$ 299.00