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TBS Core micro BLOWOUT

TBS Core micro BLOWOUT

Plug and play unit to connect a TBS BOSS and DJI iOSD mini to your DJI Phantom for FPV with up to 3km video signal.

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The TBS CORE micro is a plug and play device to provide long distance FPV to your Phantom 2. It works together with the DJI iOSD and the TBS BOSS / TBS ROOKIE / TBS GREENHORN video transmitters to bring you a solid, long range 5.8GHz FPV link.


  • TBS CORE micro
  • Y-cable harness for DJI iOSD and Phantom PMU board
  • Shielded Video Transmitter cable 

Required for FPV:

  • DJI iOSD
  • Video receiver + monitor or goggles
  • TBS UNIFY PRO video transmitter + Antennas

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US$ 0.05