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Circular Wireless 2.4GHz Heliaxial Antenna

US$ 119.95

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The helical antenna is one of the best directional antennas of circular polarization. It is highly tolerant, can vary slightly the diameter or pitch of the helix with virtually no impact on performance (although consistency is important), and the length or number of turns will determine the gain of the antenna.

Built on a model of 6.5 turns, with a gain of approximately 11dB, and a beamwidth of 60 degrees, making it easy to aim towards the Multirotor/ Wing, and is a good compromise between gain and antenna size.

For the method for matching the impedance of the antenna, Circular Wireless opted for the Hecker transformer, because it gives consistent results, without requiring individual tuning with a SWR or a network analyzer.

  • Gain: 11Dbi
  • Height:23.5cm
  • Weight:181.3g

US$ 119.95