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DryDrone 15ml large shake-n-bake

DryDrone 15ml large shake-n-bake

A perfect solution to waterproof your drones with this ultra thin nano particle coating.

US$ 39.95

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DryDrone - Permanent Water Repellant Protection 

  • full application in under 30 seconds, just shake vigorously for a minimum of 5 seconds remove from the pouch with the included remover/paperclip and give it a few seconds to dry. You are ready to go.
  • 5ml Starter (protect 5 machines) or 15ml Value Pack (protect 15 machines)
  • no more replacing and repairing
  • full protection against moisture and corrosion
  • vital in salt water conditions

DryDrone addresses the most common concerns which are:

  • DryDrone Cobalt will prevent catastrophic failure due to moisture.
  • DryDrone Cobalt does have the ability to solder through for easy repairs.
  • DryDrone Cobalt can dissipate heat efficiently.
  • DryDrone Cobalt is easy to apply and clean.
  • DryDrone Cobalt is effective on all multi rotor components. * not for use on brushless motors
  • DryDrone Cobalt prevents corrosion of components and traces after your moisture issue has been resolved.
  • Our nano moisture protection formula has been engineered and painstakingly tested to ensure it can withstand the high processor frequencies and the extreme board currents to prevent costly catastrophic hardware failure.

Newest generation nanotechnology.

  • Bonds securely to all PCB substrates. (very important )
  • Extremely thin application 1-5 um vs conformal at 25 to 50 um.
  • Can be directly soldered, easy to make repairs.
  • Does not affect heat dissipation.
  • Included application brush for ease of use.
  • No greasy or waxy residue does not attract dust and or dirt.

How to Apply?

Step one

  • Pour about 2-3ml of DryDrone into the supplied zip lock pouch.

Step Two

  • Drop your bare fc, esc, pdb etc into the pouch. 

Step Three

  • Close the airtight Ziplock seal.

Step Four

  • Make sure you have enough liquid in the pouch to ensure full coverage and Shake the crap out of it! (Minimum 5 seconds use your judgement depending on the amount of liquid.)

Step Five

  • Remove the components from the pouch, you should pour the liquid back into the bottle after. 
  • 1 -2 minutes and install as usual.
  • You are good to go.

The bake thing, umm....they threw it in cause it sounded great!

Apply safely to

  • flight controllers
  • power distribution boards
  • ESC’s
  • VTX’s
  • and any other electronic component you use

US$ 39.95