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EMAX RS1408 2300kv BLOWOUT

EMAX RS1408 2300kv BLOWOUT

Designed to be a motor that crosses the threshold between micro sized drones and larger 22xx type motors, the 1408 offers unbelievable performance relative to its size.

US$ 9.95

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  • Framework:9N12P
  • KV:2300KV/3600KV
  • Length:22.4MM
  • Diameter:18.4MM
  • No.of cells:5-6S
  • Max.thrust:
              >800g(RS1408 2300KV on 6S)
              >770g(RS1408 3600KVon 4S)
  • Shaft diameter:1.5mm
  • Propeller:3"-3.5"
  • Weight:14g(W/O Silicone Wire)

US$ 9.95