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Kraken 5 WORX - No compromise race wining performance.

US$ 52.95

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The K5W is an extreme light weight quad featuring aerodynamic performance.  Despite weighing only 50 grams, the frame will survive a surprising number of tumbles.  This is frame used by many of the worlds top pilots including rekrek, ghost, mad air, Julien FPV, waffle, jeddy, banni and many more!

Kraken frames feature true symmetrical X design with superb flight characteristics and outstanding maneuverability.  Coupled with a unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod the Kraken delivers a racing pedigree that is hard to match for speed, handling, weight and strength.


  • Unique molded aerodynamic polycarbonate pod
  • 4mm thick carbon fiber arms
  • Not a unibody - the arms are easily replaceable
  • True symmetrical X design
  • Fits full size FPV equipment including HS1177 camera

Package Contents

  • Kraken 5W V3 Arms (4)
  • Kraken 5W Bottom Plate - 1.5mm CF (1)
  • Kraken 5W PDB - 1.6mm Custom PDB, no 8v regulator (1)
  • Kraken Hardware Pack (1)
  • Kraken PC Pod - 1.0mm (1)
  • Kraken PC Pod - 1.5mm (1)
  • Kraken HS1177 Cam Bracket Kit (1)
  • Kraken Battery Pad (1)
  • Kraken PDB FC Inset Nuts (5)  

Warning - This is an extreme frame which requires occasional repairs due to higher breakage rate. Not recommended for beginners or proximity flying.

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US$ 52.95