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L1D Variometer

L1D Variometer

Thermal-hunting without a Vario is like trying to find your way in the dark without a flashlight. The L1D vario was made specifically for FPV. Switch-activated, highly sensivite acoustic variometer to make every flight last as long as YOU decide.

US$ 119.95

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The LastOneDown (L1D) high performance acoustic Vario will help you use thermals to keep your glider in the air longer while flying FPV. It will also keep an eye on the status of your main battery pack.

Eagles are the masters of thermaling. With the L1D you, too, can maximize flight times without using your throttle stick.

Challenge your friends for last one down!! See it in action

Fly longer

  • A variometer will improve the 'feel' for your aircraft and help you thermal to gain altitude without using your motor (therefore saving battery)
  • It is an incredibly rewarding experience to gain altitude without your throttle stick. Warning: You will be hooked!
  • It is the only easy and reliable product for soaring in FPV
  • Works best with glider type aircrafts (EasyGlider, Raiden, Cularis) but also with other foamies (e.g. EasyStar, Zagi, etc)

Fly safer

  • Keep your eyes on the sky! Acoustic feedback will not disturb your view or focus.
  • The L1D works with your FPV gear: low power consumption and no additional transmission unit
  • Stalling or inefficient turns are punished instantly by acoustic feedback. Learn how to control your plane in the safest and most efficient manner!
  • Audio feedback on your rate of descent will allow you to approach and land more safely, augmenting the missing depth perception from your video feed.

Do the comparison

  • With one compact unit you get all the information you need: climb & sink-speed and battery status.
  • The latest OSDs have visual varios that detect at best 1m deviations at 2-5Hz refresh rate. The L1D Vario detects 10cm deviations at 60Hz. This gives you 30x better performance.
  • Comparable stand-alone variometers are available, but require additional transmission channels, power management and ground receiver stations. They are priced at 400 EUR (600 USD) upwards. Utilize your existing FPV infrastructure and save money, weight and space.
  • Unlike OSDs or stand-alone solutions, the L1D does not clutter your field of view or get on your nerves. The volume is adjustable and the vario can be turned on/off using a separate R/C channel or the throttle channel (Y connection)

What you get

The basic kit contains the Vario, an external speaker, and all cables required for any installation

Required / recommended components (not included!)

  • Audio/Video receiver and transmitter required
  • On board microphone recommended


US$ 119.95