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ORT New Helical 6 Turn Antenna Purple

ORT New Helical 6 Turn Antenna Purple

ORT 6 Turn Helical Antenna “Long Range Master” (10dBi Gain)

US$ 36.00

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The helical design has a 180ohm impedance which is not matched with ORT's FPV system with 50ohm impedance. Hence so-called helical tuning is the most important part to ensure the antenna match with ORT's FPV system to provide you with the most efficient directional antenna. A perfect balance between beamwidth vs range.

ORT designed the Helical 6 turn to get a perfect balance between performances of beam width (signal coverage) versus range. Covering 100~120 degree of beam width with an effective range of 10~20km and beyond with 600mW video transmitter hence the called of Long Range Master given. ORT recommend using this with our ORT cocktail Omni antenna to get the best performance.

  • Hand Tuned, 110~120 degree coverage with 15~20km clear ranges and beyond on 600mW Video Transmitter (depends on flying area noise, receiver sensitivity, and FPV setup)
  • Enameled Supreme Wire(anti-rust)
  • Original Low loss RG402 cable
  • High-quality acrylic, providing a premium look


ORT 6 Turn Helical Antenna “Long Range Master”
Freq Channel 5300 ~ 6000 GHz
Gain (dBi) 10 dBic
SWR/S11 < 1:1.3
Beam width 100-120 degrees
Polarization Circularly Polarized – RHCP
Gain Pattern Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)
Connector SMA

US$ 36.00