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ORT New Helical 3 Turn Antenna Red

ORT New Helical 3 Turn Antenna Red

ORT is a new brand from Bali, Indonesia. Handmade and individually tuned. The 3 turn helical is good for goggle-mounted modules and long range flights

US$ 26.95

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ORT 3 Turn Helical is designed to match with your circular transmitter antenna. The Helical has better axial ratio compare to cheapo circular patch antenna with printed PCB out there. If you handle ‘hard’’ RF environment such as surrounding with building & trees or need better penetration thru obstacles, and also light enough to mount in your goggles.


  • Hand Tuned, providing wide beam width with 180 degree coverage and greater penetration thru trees and dense material.
  • High quality Enameled Supreme Wire (anti rust).
  • Original Low loss RG402 cable.
  • High quality acrylic, providing premium look.
  • Effective range, 6~10km and beyond on 600mW Vtx (depends on flying area noise level, receiver sensitivity and FPV setup)


Freq Channel 5600 ~ 6000 GHz
Gain (dBi) 7 dBic
SWR/S11 < 1:1.3
Beam width 180 degrees
Polarization Circularly Polarized - RHCP
Gain Pattern Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)
Connector SMA

US$ 26.95