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TBS RaceTracker Range Extender BLOWOUT

TBS RaceTracker Range Extender BLOWOUT

Extend the bluetooth range of your TBS RaceTracker with this antenna and pigtail upgrade kit

US$ 0.95

Delivery time: Discontinued

This mod pays tribute to all of the aftermarket mods done to the TBS RaceTracker! The amount of ingenuity in the community has inspired TBS to adapt this mod.

We changed the front plate of the TBS RaceTracker and added an external SMA socket. Together with an external 2.5dBi whip antenna, this mod will dramatically increase your range! A factor of 2-3 fold range increase is the norm, compared to other aftermarket mods the range increase is only about 25-30%. For people looking for even more range, we recommend a 7dBi whip antenna which can be purchased for cheap via Amazon.

Package contains

  • 1x Front plastic case with SMA hole
  • 1x U.FL to SMA pigtail
  • 1x 2.5dBi 2.4GHz

US$ 0.95