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BrainFPV RADIX Power Board

BrainFPV RADIX Power Board

8S, LEDS, Current Sensing, Stackable with RADIX FC

US$ 19.99

Delivery time: In stock

RADIX PDB Features

  • Made for major power: Up to 8S support and 160A burst
  • Stackable with RADIX FC
  • Integrated LC filter for noise reduction and clean video
  • Solder pads for motor signal wires and ESC telemetry
  • Four integrated programmable RGB LEDs - show your color
  • 5V (2A) output to power all your peripherals 
  • Current measurement up to 160A
  • Heavy-duty 4-layer PCB with 4oz copper per layer for high current handling ability
  • Plug-and-play stacking with RADIX FC using soft wires for vibration isolation
  • Engineered and tested in the USA

US$ 19.99