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BrainFPV Radix Wing Power Board

BrainFPV Radix Wing Power Board

US$ 24.99

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A big welcome to BrainFPV entering the wing market! Introducing the RADIX Wing Power Board (wPB). It is plug-n-play with the RADIX FC, has current sensing and is a perfect addition for your wing build. Our OSD has features for wing pilots that no other OSD can offer with GPS mapping and return to home in iNAV!


  • Battery Voltage: 3S to 8S (9V to 35V)
  • Maximum Current: 100A constant, 160A burst.
  • Voltage Regulator: Integrated 5V, 2A, 3A burst. By default, servos are powered by the ESC. The WPB has a jumper to enable powering small servos.
  • Noise Filter: Integrated filter for clean video.
  • Current Measurement: Up to 160A (20mV/A).
  • ESC Output: Output for ESC on servo headers.
  • Servo Outputs: Outputs for up to 3 servos on headers (RADIX FC has pads for 2 additional servos).
  • LEDs: Output for programmable RGB  LEDs.
  • Stacking height: 5.5mm (space between RADIX FC and RADIX WPB).
  • PCB: 4 layer, 3oz (105um) copper per layer. HASL plating (lead-free).
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 39mm.
  • Weight: 8g

US$ 24.99