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RiteWing Mini-Drak

The little brother of the king of the skies! Fast, stable, durable, small! The Mini-Drak!

US$ 175.00

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TBS is proud to present to you the Mini Drak (40"), created by the godfather of flying wings, Chris Klick of Ritewing RC.

The Mini-Drak is a miniature version of the Drak, the boss of the sky. It's a super-stable cruiser but lights the air on fire if motorized to suit. Thanks to the forward-swept wing design you can expect superb stall handling, stable roll and agressive pitch. A wing-racer's favorite, also capable as a long-range platform.

Base kit contents

  • 12x Fiber glass strip spars
  • 2x main Carbon fiber slip spars with fiber glass sleeves .
  • 6 piece Coroplast package for lids winglets and vertical stabilizers
  • 2x custom 3/8 x 1 3/4 x 18 balsa control surfaces
  • 1x 2 piece CNC aluminum motor mount assembly

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US$ 175.00