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Speedy Bee Adapter 2

Speedy Bee Adapter 2

US$ 25.99

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Full-featured Betaflight configrator in your pocket

  • Upgrade FC firmware via App
  • Full-featured BF/iNav configuration
  • XT60 & PH2.0 battery connectors
  • 1-6S power input

Upgrade your flight controller via App!

  • The WiFi chip in the Adapter 2 which greatly improves the transmission speed and makes it possible to upgrade your flight
  • controllers The whole upgrading process costs only 2-3 minutes.
  • The firmware flashing currently only supports Betaflight via WiFi connection to the Adapter 2.

Full-featured BF/iNav configuration.

  • Now the SpeedyBee Adapter 2 is a full-featured mobile
  • BF/iNav configurator. Just go to the field to fly without carrying a heavy laptop.

Power the whole thing with one battery.

  • Soldering work should be done on the user end on the previous generation. But the Adapter 2 now has built-in XT60 and PH2.0 connectors which both support 1-6S LiPo batteries input*. As the Adapter 2can power your flight controller, you don't need another battery to power your quad.
  • *For 1S batteries, 3.8V or above is requried. Because some(very few) quadcopters may consume a lot of current, and the output voltage of the adapter 2 will be greatly reduced.


  • 1 x Adapter 2
  • 1 x Maunal

US$ 25.99