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TBS Tango 2 Plastic Parts

TBS Tango 2 Plastic Parts

Complete spare shell of TBS Tango2 for modifications, customizations or repairs.

US$ 29.95

Delivery time: In Stock

*Does not come with the speaker uni.
Since the speaker is glued to the tango case but its still removable with a little work, you may have to consider purchasing a spare. 

Tango with Newer Screens

  • Due to the pandemic, we are no longer able to source the same screen we used since launch. Luckily, we found a replacement, however it requires us to modify the case alittle to accomdate the new electronics. 
  • If you wish to purchase the plastic parts for the newer hardware, please pick [Tango 2 Plastic Parts (New Screen)] under product customization.
  • If you are not sure which version you got, please compare it with the image below.


  • Front Shell
  • Back Shell
  • Rubber grip (left and right)
  • Rotary roller
  • Power button
  • Exit / Menu / Page buttons (1 set)
  • 2-position button cover (left and right)
  • Momentary button cover (left and right)

Customize it

US$ 29.95