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The smallest and lightest camera of this caliber. Never mind the highest resolution camera on the planet, and best low-light handling of any PIXIM camera. With an OSD. Tried and tested in all kinds of environments, made specifically to cater all of Team BlackSheep requirements.

US$ 79.95

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69 is our favorite. And the camera isn't too bad either :)

Super high resolution with the newest generation PIXIM sensor, factory-equipped with a plug-in OSD remote with various settings important to the FPV professional. The small form factor and easily accessible connectors allow for "on the field" configuration and tuning.

Picture is comparable to the DX201, except 8x better low-light handling, 30% higher resolution and less weight and size. Rest assured, this is the only cam you'll ever need for FPV.

All cameras are now splash waterproofed. We don't recommend taking it for a swim, but you never know, sometimes shit happens and then it's better to be safe than sorry.


Resolution 690 TVL (color) / 800 TVL (b&w)
Focal Width 3.8mm
Supply voltage 12 VDC
Dimensions 32mm x 32mm
Sensor PIXIM Seawolf
Video standard PAL or NTSC (configurable in the menu)
Weight 44g (with heatsink)


Shipping Contents

  • 1x TBS 69 Camera
  • 1x Plug & Play keypad for camera settings
  • 1x Camera cable BNC


Demo Video

Settings Video

US$ 79.95