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TBS PowerCube V1 to V2 Upgrade

TBS PowerCube V1 to V2 Upgrade

A package for TBS PowerCube V1 owners. Get all your ESC's upgraded with one click of a button!

US$ 39.95

Delivery time: Out of Stock

A set of 4 TBS Bulletproof 25A 1in1 PowerCube V2 ESC's! Upgrade your existing PowerCube to a "V2"!

NEW! Bulletproof 25A 6S BlHeli-S ESC

  • SiLabs EFM8BB2 50MHz with PWM gate drivers
  • BLHeli-S latest generation firmware pre-flashed
  • 2-6S capable
  • 25A continuous power with active burn protection
  • 32kHz (MultiShot) capable, OneShot capable, PWM capable
  • Fastest throttle response, braking
  • Lowest minimum RPM
  • Full water and dust protection


Note: requires Coiibri Race >V2.0!

US$ 39.95