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Tiny Power Brushless Pack 1.00mm

Tiny Power Brushless Pack 1.00mm

Super value packed bundle. You know you will need more than 1 set of props and lipo. This is the bundle you need!

US$ 40.75

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Just when you think TinyWhoop props are no longer evolving.....

Check out these TBS x Tinywhoop Race Props, they are absolutely aweosme to fly with. Quad blades to ensure grippy cornering and the fat blades for better alitude controls. They are just the perfect props to pair with your 6mm motors with 1mm shafts.


  • Hub Size: 1mm
  • Blades length: 30mm (across)
  • Height: 7.44mm
  • Motor Type: Brushed



The TBS Graphene packs are here! You get power when you need it, without regret. It takes a lot of abuse and doesn't set you back much from the start. The high discharge rate will provide a stable voltage despite high Amp draws, without sacrificing the lifespan of the battery. Give them a try!


  • Capacity: 300mAh
  • Voltage: 4.35HV (1S)
  • Weight: 7g
  • Dimensions: 67x7x11mm
  • Plugs: Ph2.0 / Power Whoop



  • 6 x Props Set
  • 6 x 1s Lipo

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US$ 40.75