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TBS Tracer Flex Dipole RX Antenna (2pcs)

TBS Tracer Flex Dipole RX Antenna (2pcs)

Set of 2pcs flexible stick-on dipole antennas for medium performance but ultra high durability and sleek form factor

US$ 5.95

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For Tiny Whoops, small wings, or ducted drone applications, it can sometimes be beneficial to stick your antenna to get a very sleek profile. That's what the Flex Dipole is for. Not full range, but then again, you may not need that for these scenarios!

Comes in a pack of 2pcs for the TBS Tracer Nano Rx / Nano 6ch Rx


Element Length / Width 45 mm / 6mm
Total length 120mm
Connector IPEX / u.FL
Weight 0.44g
VSWR < 2
Gain 1dBi

US$ 5.95