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TS100 Soldering Iron (B2)

TS100 Soldering Iron (B2)

We know you will need a XT60 to DC cable. That is why you will get one with your ts100 for FREE!

US$ 59.99

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TS100 employs 304 stainless steel nested shell of Polycarbonate plastic. It  is designed with safety circuit and anti-static structure, integrated with DC5525 12-24V port, dual-temperature sensors and accelerated sensors with STM32 chip. Under these functionalities, temperature can be controlled accurately, stably and easily adjusted from 100°C to 400°C, and the TS100 also has sleep mode and automatic over-heating warning.


Power 65W
Temperature stability ±2%
Soldering tip resistance to GND <2Ω
Temperature Range 100℃- 400℃(Max)
Max operation ambient temperature 40°C
Display OLED
Data/Power Interface Micro USB, DC5525
Control part Length 96mm, Diameter:16.5mm
Heating part Length: 72+33mm, Diameter: 5.5mm
Weight 33g (power adaptor not included)
Certifications CE, FCC


  • 1 x TS100 Body
  • 1 x B2 Tip
  • 1 x allen key
  • 2 x spare screws
  • Instructions Manual
  • FREE XT60 > DC power cable

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US$ 59.99