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VAS Ion V2 Antenna 5.8GHz (LHCP)

VAS Ion V2 Antenna 5.8GHz (LHCP)

The VAS Ion V2 Antenna is the latest product from Video Aerial Systems, and raises the bar when it comes to video quality. Designed as smaller and more efficient long range antenna, the Ion V2 is simply the best omni-directional antenna for the long range pilot.

US$ 16.99

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The Ion antenna is a high gain Circularly Polarized omnidirectional antenna with near perfect axial ratio. The Ion’s compact size and light weight make it ideal for those who want a small antenna without sacrificing performance. The Ion is the highest gain, non-phased/stacked, omnidirectional 5.8GHz antenna on the market today. Whether used as a transmit or receiver antenna, the Ion will provide excellent video. We went to great lengths to design the next great antenna for FPV operators the world over. The Patent Pending technology utilized in the Ion is a result of 6 months of design and development that allows us to provide the user a durable, high performance antenna at an affordable price. Assembled in the Video Aerial Systems manufacturing facility located in Virginia, USA from parts acquired in the US and abroad, the Ion antenna is put through the most rigorous testing of any antenna on the market. Each antenna is tested no less than 4 times during the manufacturing process, for both Axial ratio and VSWR to ensure the antenna leaves the production floor at its peak performance level. The Ion is then subjected to our strict Quality Control team’s scrutiny. V2 now has a longer stem.


  • Gain: 2.5dbic
  • Axial Ratio: .94
  • Polarization: (LHCP)
  • Antenna dimensions: 28mmX20mm
  • Cable length: 72mm


  • 1 x Ion V2 Antenna

US$ 16.99