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VAS 868MHz Longshot Antenna (SMA)

VAS 868MHz Longshot Antenna (SMA)

US$ 24.95

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When you’re serious about long range flights and you need to be sure your control signal is good and strong there’s the VAS LongShot.  Designed by IBCrazy to be a compact high gain, long range antenna capable of mounting directly to your TBS Crossfire, the VAS LongShot is perfect for those who are pushing the limits of long range flight.


  • Gain: 7.5dbi
  • Flight beam width:    +/-75 degrees
  • Flight beam height: +/- 30 degrees
  • -3db point: +/-60 degrees (horizontal), +/-25 degrees (vertical)
  • Polarization: linear (vertical)
  • Freq: 868MHz

US$ 24.95