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Yakuza Frame R226

Yakuza Frame R226

Forged from the most G-materials & metals in the race quad industry across the globe, Yakuza Frames are conceptualised and designed in Singapore, put together in Asia, to conquer the world in the skies.

US$ 83.00

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Forward thinking concepts & edgy design are the formulas for the Yakuza Frames.


  • Lightweight titanium screw set
  • Highest quality 4k carbon
  • Super tough cnc-milled 7075 aluminium anodised in dark titanium colour
  • Lightweight titanium screw set
  • 3 point motor protection
  • 30mm 6061 aluminum stand-offs anodised in dark titanium colour

Specifications included in frame-set

  • 226mm motor-to-motor base (in Exact-X config)
  • 3mm carbon Base-Plate 
  • 5mm 4k carbon Arms with 10mm width
  • Single arm design allows multiple configurations
  • ExactX, StretchX, SquishX, 2 types of HybridX
  • Swings 5.1’ props in all configurations 3mm cnc-milled 7075 aluminium Core-Plate
  • 20x20 & 30x30 floating fc stack mounting holes
  • Eliminates noise to fc gyros.
  • Internal screw threads for m3 screws
  • Hollow centre for weight savings and RX mounting 
  • 2mm Top-Plate
  • 2mm Support-Plate (used on top or at bottom)
  • 2mm Cam-Plates (for mini-sized cams)
  • TPU cam mount options (for micro/mini sized cams)


  • 16 x titanium m3x10mm screws 
  • 4 x 30mm aluminium stand-offs
  • 4 x nylon fc stack screws 
  • 4 x m3x3mm fc spacers 
  • 4 x m3x5mm fc spacers 
  • 4 x nylon hex nuts 
  • 6 x silicon fc vibration dampening grommets

Additional Options (Not Included)

  • TPU Rear Antenna Mount
  • TPU Cam Mount (for micro/mini sized cams
  • TPU Gopro Hero6 mount 35 deg. / 45 deg.
  • PLA Gopro Session5 seat mount 35 deg. / 45 deg.

US$ 83.00