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RotorX Battery Charger 2.0A

RotorX Battery Charger 2.0A

RotorX Battery Charger. Ideal for batteries under 1000mah. 50% OFF

US$ 19.99

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From 2S to 4S batteries this charger makes charging easy and hassle free no buttons to press or fiddling with balancing settings. You plug in the balance lead of your battery and the charger handles the rest, you can check on how the charging is going from the light indicators on the top.

Perfect for batteries under 1000mah.


  • AC Input voltage: 100V-240V
  • Charge power: 25W
  • Charge current: 2.0A
  • LiPo battery cell count: 2-4 Series
  • Indication: 4x LED Capacity Indication
  • Charge mode: balance charge
  • Dimension: 98*98*36mm
  • Weight: 278g 


  • RotorX CHARGER 25W/2A charger unit
  • AV cable (US Type)

US$ 19.99