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FPVCycle 1202.5 11500kv - 2mm prop shaft

FPVCycle 1202.5 11500kv - 2mm prop shaft

This motor answers all the trouble 1s whoops has been baffling all the fpv pilots.

US$ 11.99

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Safe, quiet, easy, fun.

Nothing is simpler and more convenient than 1S. The trouble has been that 1S performance for anything beyond a Whoop is usually considered pretty weak with poor handling. This motor paired with the Gemfan 3016 prop and a 600mah 1S battery is the answer. Of course it’s still just 1S so it’s not exactly going to be powerful, but the flight characteristics, simplicity, safety, silence and handling make this an absolute joy to fly.  It sort of feels like flying a big leaf...if leaves could fly.

For use for 1S 3” or 2.5”. Very low load props like the Gemfan 3016 are recommended. NOT recommended for 2S and 2.5”. Probably okay on 2” and 2S but also not recommended and not tested.


  • ~4.3g with long, ~51mm wires and JST1.25 connector
  • Mounting: 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2
  • 27awg silicone motor wire
  • 2mm press fit prop shaft that’s 4mm tall
  • 2mm internal shaft all the way through
  • T-mount prop mounting also
  • 5mm size bearings
  • C-clip bell bottom and no C-clip n top
  • 0.15mm laminations
  • 7075 aluminum
  • Single piece bell design


  • 1 motor
  • 2x 8mm screws for T mount props
  • 4x 4mm screws for mounting motors to 2mm thick carbon frames

Recommended use:

  • Low load 3” prop: Gemfan 3016 STRONGLY recommended
  • Recommended all up weight (including 1S battery): 49-56g

1S 3” Drivetrain:

  • FPVCycle 1202.5 11,500kv Motor -  2mm prop shaft
  • Gemfan 3016x3 2mm press fit
  • Any of the 1S AIO boards we offer
  • GNB 1S LiPo Battery 600mah XT30

The rationale behind the 2mm prop shaft:

Previously, prop shafts meant for press fit props existed in just about every denomination from .8mm through 1.7mm. When we started flying Toothpick class quads that had lots more power/speed than typical micros, we started sheering prop shafts when using press fit props. We absolutely hate the annoyance and weight of the T mount screw mechanism so we just upped the shaft diameter to 2mm and made our new prop fit that. This 2mm shaft is not only stronger, but it also provides more gripping surface area for the prop so it’s more secure as well. Props with the 2mm center press fit hole are backwards compatible on 1.5mm and smaller shafts with the T mount screws.

US$ 11.99