Team BlackSheep Online Store - KO 2208 Special (5x1750kv + 1xTracer Rx)
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KO 2208 Special (5x1750kv + 1xTracer Rx)

KO 2208 Special (5x1750kv + 1xTracer Rx)

You can now pair these awesome KO Motors with Tracer on your rig at a crazy discount! Valid while stocks last!

US$ 109.95

Delivery time: In Stock

KO Motors

KO Technologies has developed ACPC to compress oncoming air directly at the bell spoke face, forcing the air past the spokes and directly into the stator and magnet assembly.This lowers operating temps, increases torque and dramatically increase response times all the way along the rpm  range. As a bonus the angled ring that forms the ACPC design is used as a counter balance used to reduce the amount of putty used to balance a motor bell.

TBS Tracer

In a race, microseconds count. Goggles down, thumbs up - are you ready for a true 250Hz radio link? End to end latency: barely noticeable. Nothing else comes close! Thanks to 2.4GHz technology, we took the best from Crossfire and shrunk it down to speed it up. The end result: Smaller antennas, more speed, range for days.


  • 5 x KO Demon Seed 2208 1750KV 
  • 1 x TBS Tracer Nano Rx

US$ 109.95