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DDG God Mode Frame Kit V2 BLOWOUT

DDG God Mode Frame Kit V2 BLOWOUT

US$ 69.95

Delivery time: In Stock

Need a drone that’s agile & powerful enough to fly inside and outside? Need a drone that flies with prop guards for extra protection? Need a drone that’s small enough to fly through any gap that presents itself? 

Introducing “God Mode” Designed by the Dutch drone gods. A 2.5 inch frame made to be the best option for almost any filming assignment.  Combine it with a naked gopro and you have a very powerful tool. 

“God mode can handle anything you throw at it” Shaggyfpv 

“We have made some of our coolest shots using this setup”  Jedeye_fpv 


Easy to build & flies incredible. God mode is The lightest 2.5 inch carbon frame out there. With sub 250 gram builds possible in multiple configurations.  

If you are serious about making great shots then this is the frame for you. 

God mode - Fly like a god

Build List: 

  • FC + ESC: 25.5 x 25.5 mm AIO 30A+
  • Motors: 1204 / 1207
  • Camera: Micro (19mm)
  • VTX: Analoog / Digitaal (Vista Module)
  • Props: Azure 2540
  • Battery: 4S 650mAh
  • HD Cam: Naked GoPro / BetaFPV SMO 4K / Hawkeye Flying Fire X-Lite

US$ 69.95