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PersonaX Cinewhoop35 Extreme

PersonaX Cinewhoop35 Extreme

US$ 140.00

Delivery time: In Stock

Hardware Includes

  • upper plate
  • bottom plate
  • camera mount plate 2pcs
  • 7075 M2 standoff 18pcs
  • M2 6mm 44pcs and M2 8mm 8pcs
  • M5 gopro bolt nut 20mm
  • battery pad
  • M5 L wrench for gopro screw
  • 10cm silicon power cable- red, black for vista (14AWG)
  • Amass mountable xt60 connetor 1pc and xt60 cover 1pc(vista version)
  • 15mm width, 150mm length silicon battery strap 2pcs (Dronepilot)+ (Dogcom)
  • Persona-X logo sticker 1pc
  • M2 stainless steel nut 2pcs
  • Shrink tube for xt60( 2cm 2pcs )

3D Printed Parts

  • airunit and vista mount(top and bottom)
  • multi receiver mount- 2pcs
  • condensor mount
  • universal gopro mount
  • airunit wire holder- 2pcs
  • landing pad- 4pcs
  • airunit antenna mount- 2pcs
  • under gopro mount
  • vertical wing- 2pcs
  • ***Prop guards and GPS mount are not included***

US$ 140.00