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Axis Flying AE2306.5 2400kv

Axis Flying AE2306.5 2400kv

Introducing AE series, by AxisFlying. Great performance, high quality, and the high standards that Axis hold all of their products to. The AE series is the perfect compromise of price and performance.

US$ 15.90

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  • 1800 KV is efficiency edition for 6S 
  • 1960 KV is powerful edition for 6s 
  • 2400KV is for 4s setup 
  • The motor is very powerful that can get over 1.6KG and most current is about 40A
Configuration 12N14P
Motor stator size 2306.5
Motor cables AWG 20#, 150MM
Motor dimensions (Dia *Len) 27.9*32.7MM
Motor weight (excluding 150MM cables) 31.5g

US$ 15.90