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GF Street League 7043-3 Midnight Black

GF Street League 7043-3 Midnight Black

US$ 3.69

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Cinelifters have been a relatively new kind of FPV drones, revolutionizing the industry and bringing new opportunities to pilots worldwide. That’s why we have partnered up with @Ellis Van Jason and @Josh Enriques to create an 11 inch triblade prop for those demanding jobs that require the best performance and flight characteristics on highers loads. 

We focused on a narrow surface to make it lighter thus improving the airflow of the drone. It’s high pitch is something unheard off  until now… a 7.0 pitch masterfully designed and tested on both bench and FPV Propellers Wind Tunnels. 

Durability is KEY! 

The new Gemfan 1170-3 is carefully crafted with both performance and durability in mind, that’s why we at Gemfan have created a new plastic polymer mix for it. A durable prop to withstand heavy loads and provide over 5 Kilograms of thrust. 

The best tool for the job!


  • Inch: 11in    Pitch:7in    
  • Weight:27.7g   
  • Mount:1.5mm
  • Recommended Motor:3220
  • Prop Disk Diameter: 279.4mm
  • Center Thickness: 9mm
  • Max Prop Width :24mm
  • Materials:Glass fiber nylon

US$ 3.69