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Flywoo FlyLens 85 Frame kit Standard V1.2

Flywoo FlyLens 85 Frame kit Standard V1.2

US$ 24.95

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The Flylens 85 frame is a 2-inch whoop-type frame designed for indoor and narrow space flight. It is compatible with various mainstream digital and analog image transmission systems. The frame is equipped with an injection-molded protective ring and a carbon black treatment process.

Version 1.2, added support for 9mmx9mm motor mounting holes.

The Flylens series opens up the field of micro-crossing machine film and television creation, providing the latest and most reliable solutions for exploring and capturing new perspectives.

Design Features

  • Latest three-point CNC damping platform design to perfectly eliminate high-frequency vibration and jelly effects
  • Quick-release structure, which only requires 4 screws to separate the upper and lower layers
  • Supports the installation of neon light strips and external GO3 and other small sports cameras
  • Flight control hole position is 25.5x25.5mm, the image transmission compartment hole position is 20x20/25.5x25.5mm, and the motor hole position is 6.6mm
  • Compatible with various mainstream devices on the market


  • Compact and lightweight design (<250g) for a 2-inch drone.
  • Supports O3 digital image transmission for long-range, 4K high-definition, low-latency transmission.
  • High-strength PC injection-molded protective ring for enhanced durability and safety.
  • Unique CNC damping platform for stable video recording.
  • Bottom-mounted image transmission PC compartment for protection and improved heat dissipation.
  • Quick-release frame design for easy component separation.
  • Reverse thrust propeller configuration for stable flight and extended endurance.
  • Compatible with wireless controlled neon light strips and external devices.
  • Specifications
  • Model: Flylens 85
  • Main Board Thickness: 2mm 
  • CNC Gimbal Thickness: 1mm 
  • Protective Ring Material: PC+
  • Flight Control Hole Position: 25.5x25.5mm
  • Image Transmission Hole Position: 20/25.5mm Motor Hole
  • Position: 6.6mm/Hole 1.4mm
  • Propeller Size: 2inch
  • Weight: 27g
  • Camera Hole Position (Standard): 20mm 

US$ 24.95