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HNY Badger II 11 Inch

HNY Badger II 11 Inch

US$ 650.00

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The HNY Badger II is not only the first release in the HNY Brand (Pronounced: hʌni , like honey) but also the successor to the popular Honeybadger X8 Frame. Bringing you top-notch performance, combined with superb build experience and versatility.


The 11 Variant of the HNY Badger II delivers ultimate power and acceleration without compromising on rigidity, performance or ease of use. It is the perfect companion for large Cinema Cameras, Gimbal Setups or custom payloads.

12S Dual Battery Quick Release

HNY Badger II 11 features a Dual Battery Quick Release System. The System allows to individually mount and release two single 6s batteries, allowing you to use the same batteries like the 6s Version.

We would like to thank Sam Stranford [] for granting us permission to utilize his battery quick-release system, originally designed for his _LaMamba_ frame. This means that if you already own a _LaMamba_ and wish to use the same batteries on our 9” or 11” frames, you can do so.

We decided to use custom machined CNC Parts and a two-hand operated release mechanism to ensure longevity and endurance. All your existing La Mamba quick release plates will still work with HNY Badger II out of the box.

Camera Mount

The integrated Mount for _RED Komodo_ and _Komodo X_ and our custom Mount for the _Freefly Ember_ allow for direct hard-mounting using custom machined CNC parts.

For usage with universal Payloads the HNY Badger II supports the popular _DAC Mount_ mounting Pattern allowing Pilots to use various cameras and payloads. Press nuts embedded in the Top Plate allow for quick and easy mounting.

DJI RS Gimbal Mount

Our first party Gimbal mounting solution utilises embedded press nuts in the top plate of the frame as well as the internal M3 Threads in the _Tilta Mounting Plate for RS Gimbals_ to ensure secure mounting.

Enclosed Design

Featuring an enclosed design, the HNY Badger II protects all sensitive electronics, making handling easier and improving longevity on set. All 3D printed Cover Designs are publicly accessible and adjustable for custom needs and community add-ons.

Key Features

  • 12S Dual Battery Quick Release System
  • First party gimbal mounting solution
  • Constructed with ALU CNC, carbon, and steel bolts, resulting in high longevity.
  • High Prop Disk Area
  • Optimised Performance
  • Integrated Camera Mount
  • Universal Payload compatibility
  • DAC Mount compatibility
  • Battery Quick Release with _La Mamba_
  • Set-Optimised enclosed design
  • Full specs can be found [Here]

US$ 650.00