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Axisflying MANTA 6 Dead Cat Frame Kit

Axisflying MANTA 6 Dead Cat Frame Kit

6inch Fpv Freestyle DeadCat-DC Type Frame Kit

US$ 68.90

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Axisflying focuses on user experience and carefully studies user sore points. In the field of freestyle, we continuously absorb user feedback and summarise product design experience. Axisflying combines CNC aluminum parts with high quality carbon plates to bring the MANTA series of freestyle frame with a unique and innovative design in the industry.


  • The frame is designed with a K-shaped structure,so the propellers cannot be seen in flight, which has a wider field of vision. Compared with 5inch, 6inch frame has more power, more flight time and stronger wind resistance.
  • The frame adopts an innovative CNC split aluminum structure design, with 6MM thickness quick-release design, which is not only convenient but also ensures the strength, stability and high security of the frame.
  • Bottom LED and Beeper for night flying.
  • GPS is placed above the antenna for less interference.
  • Double strap ties for secure battery installation.
  • No props interference, unobstructed flight field of view
  • Now upgraded the print section, the lens is fixed more firmly, no jelly.


  • Arm width: 5mm
  • Srtucture: DC
  • lens space: 24-20mm
  • Wheelbase: 265mm
  • Stack mounting: m3x20mm/20.5mm
  • Weight:301g
  • Carbon Fiber: T700
  • Props: Max 6.1inch

Recommended Configuration

  • MOTORS:  Axisflying C246 motor 
  • Lipos: 1050-1500mAh 4/6S 
  • STACK: Axisflying istack 50A/F722
  • Propellers:  Gemfan / HQ 6inch - 6.1inch freestyle props 

US$ 68.90