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Video services

Want Team BlackSheep to come to your location, shoot video or photos and provide post-processing services? We can do anything from single-day real estate photography sessions to extensive aerial video coverage of large events. If you need professionals, we're the right crew for the job.

Aerial video system consultants

If you are interested in developing products for the UAV market, create a UAV fleet for research or commercial purposes, or if you just have a very specific problem, let us help you out with our years of experience and wide-ranging network of experts working together with us in this field.

How to get started

It all starts with a phonecall. Please let us know when we should call you:

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Our credentials

  • Extensive knowledge in programming and design of electronic equipment
  • Vast experience in product design, manufacturing and marketing for R/C equipment
  • Multiple years of experience with remote control planes (piloting) as well as customer support in this market
  • Access to the largest network of manufacturers, engineers and pioneers in the FPV / DIY UAV community
  • Regular appearance in TV shows, newspapers, blogs, YouTube & other social media. Roughly 30 million viewers anually on all channels combined.