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TBS Discovery Pro

We've been working hard on improving the flight time of the TBS DISCOVERY (PRO) lineup. While a lot of people love our DISCOVERYs for their super-steady handling and insane speed envelope, it was hard to get the flight time near or beyond the 20 minute mark.

With the  6S 4000mAh battery flight times of 25mins (T-Motor Props 15x5) or 23mins (RCTimer 15x6.5) are possible with a fully-equipped TBS DISCOVERY PRO. The regular DISCO will fly even longer. With a 2nd or even a 3rd battery (yes, the motors handle that with ease) you can fly 37 or 45mins respectively. The sky is the limit. 

Team BlackSheep are the undisputed kings of long range FPV. With the DISCOVERY PRO you can make camera shots that rival those of real helicopters. You can chase BMX drivers down an entire slope. You can film boats and yachts ... from the shore. You can shoot breathtaking action scenes from the director's seat! Since you're piloting from the camera view, your skill is the limit.

To fly further, we offer the EzUHF Tx & Rx long range control system and the Lawmate 2.4GHz long range video system. Compatible with all remote controls! With the 11dBi Yagi ranges of 10km or more are easily achieved. The battery life now is your limit.  

Setting up a gimbal the right way can be a daunting task. Installing a brushless gimbal board and making the wiring work in your favor is difficult. Therefore we decided to license the SimpleBGC firmware and the SimpleBGC hardware layout from Viacopter. This is a world's first ... the gimbal controller fully embedded into the frame. No soldering, no software configuration, plug in the motors and you're good to go. The embedded USB port connects to your PC for future firmware upgrades and custom configs. 

The CORE has won over the FPV enthusiasts world wide and as the easiest to use OSD module. Clean data layout and only the most important information presented on screen. Clutter-free, permanently visible, zero wires for installation, and nicely tucked away under a tin shield. The most robust and secure solution for on screen telemetry.

The TBS CORE is famous for:

  • Accurate flight pack voltage and mAh consumption display
  • Reliable power supply for FPV camera and transmitter
  • Flight time shown once a minute
  • Display RSSI (R/C signal strength) from all major UHF systems and some regular R/C systems
  • Single battery FPV system - less chance of failure!

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