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TBS PowerCube

The TBS POWERCUBE combines all the complicated parts of an FPV racing craft into one small package. It's a central component that can be installed on any quad, and that handles everything for you that the drone needs to fly.

Connect a FPV Camera, a R/C receiver, 4 motors and a battery, and get ready to crush the competition

There are 3 different layers inside the PowerCube. The top-terminating layer is the Flight Control. The stackable layer(s) are the ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers). The bottom-terminating layer is a power distribution board.

Each type of layer has various implementations. Flight controllers ideal for racing drones, for flying wings, or for big commercial drones. Speed controllers for micro drones up to big payload-carrying drones. And the power distribution boards either only distribute power, or handle your video feed and on screen data projection for you.

The PowerCube grows or shrinks as you need it to. It comes apart in an instant, and it goes back together just as quick - on the field, without any special tools!

With ESC's for different performance classes, and other layers following suit, the concept remains the same but the applications are unlimited!

Start with the smallest PowerCube. A PDB and an FC. Get familiar with it's glory, and build up from there.

Or dive right in with the best of the best: an FPVision layer with 4 built-in ESC's and a flight control.

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