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TBS Vendetta

Crash with confidence

Durability is a key in racing. With many hours of practice comes many, many crashes. We have tested the carbon fiber body up to unthinkable forces - even running it over with a car. The TBS Vendetta is designed to guide you as you progress as a pilot!

Even harsh repairs can be performed on the field giving you the maximum amount of flight time, with minimal interruptions. 

A salute to modularity

The entire FPV racer is built around the idea of self-contained parts working together hand in hand for a unified user experience.

Starting from the TBS ZeroZero V2 FPV camera, to the TBS POWERCUBE and TBS FPVision, everything is repairable and replaceable without a soldering iron, and with just two tools.

This does not prevent you from configuring all tuning parameters via the built-in OSD, to changing VTx channels or power levels!

None of the pain, all of the gain

The TBS VENDETTA II comes perfectly tuned, fast as a bullet, out of the box and ready to fly within minutes.  

You can rest assured knowing that we have done all the hard work for you. Everything from the snap-in arms to the pre-tuned flight controller ensure a seamless user experience. 

Don't fear progress!

From the structural rigidity to the over-powered ESCs, everything has been developed with your progress as a pilot in mind. A step to 6S with bigger motors to gain ridiculous power-to-weight ratios, custom arms for higher efficiency motors and props, or simply a different motor setup to suit your tastes are easily possible, thanks to the MT30 connectors and the quick swap arms.

The concept hasn't changed for over a year now, but all of the components have been revised and will continue to be revised. An investment you will never lose!

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