Team BlackSheep - Movies (FPV Videos)
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  • TBS Vendetta meets Paragliders

    The TBS Vendetta coasting across the mountain landscape of Austria, Tirol. Getting acquainted with other airborne creatures and teasing them a bit! Enjoy, like, share and comment! :)

  • TBS in Mongolia

    Escaping from civilization to Mongolia. Meeting with the chillest people on the planet and seeing places of unimaginable beauty and loneliness. No better way to document this way of life than with a TBS Discovery Pro! 

  • MrSteele Uncut

    One-take videos require a pilot that is in-tune with his inner baws! Watch Mr.Steele display a skill rarely posessed in the "crash and edit" times we live in today. No music. Why? Skill doesn't need music.

  • The Playground

    The master of flow PShaw sends away those annoying kids to have enough space to tear up the playground! ;)

  • The Barn

    Just a regular day out with friends. A barn, some trees and a wingman. And some insane stick-control from Mr. Steele, making sure that no balls are left unripped.