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TBS Zephyr

Building a solid FPV aircraft takes a lot of time and knowledge. The Team BlackSheep Zephyr has been tweaked to perfection by some of the most recognized aerospace engineers, equipment manufacturers and FPV pilots. The result is an aircraft that carefully balances performance, efficiency and stability to deliver an adrenaline-packed experience for seasoned FPV pilots. The Team BlackSheep Zephyr reacts precisely to all of your control inputs without complaint, flies in most kinds of environment with unparalleled reliability and will forgive many, many collisions should they ever happen. It holds the unofficial world record in long range flight and has flown in areas most planes would not survive taking off. We've got videos to prove it, check them out in the Video section.  

The kit available for purchase includes all the airborne equipment needed to start flying FPV with the Zephyr - except batteries (we can't ship those, need to be ordered separately at HobbyKing). We have pre-cut all the component bays, trays, motor slot and wire routes. We've pre-installed the servos, control horns and control rods. We've sourced the worlds finest FPV equipment from all across the globe and will ship it along. We'll include a wire harness that plugs all those components together so you don't have to touch the soldering iron. The video guide shows you step-by-step how to assemble and test-fly your Ritewing Zephyr. If you are new to the FPV game, please see the list of components at the bottom for Team BlackSheep recommended Ground Station equipment.

The kit includes

The kit focuses on the "less is more" principle. Only the highest quality equipment that does not interfere with other components on the plane have been chosen. The individual components will easily cost you US$1600 (without shipping and taxes) and a lengthy planning and building phase.

Ritewing Zephyr (54" wingspan flying wing)

Power System

O.S. Motor OMA-3820-1200 (NEW!)
Aeronaut Propadapter
10x6 Aeronaut CAM folding prop with NEW (improved) prop mounting system
FPVManuals prop-stops
Team BlackSheep high-strength motor mount

Battery (not included!)

2x 3300mAh 4S Turnigy NANO-TECH
must be purchased separately due to shipping policies

FPV Camera

TBS69 (Pixim Seawolf) camera

FPV Transmitter

2.4GHz LawMate - only for export!
not compatible with 2.4GHz R/C systems


EzOSD & EzCurrentSensor

R/C System

2x Graupner digital high speed 8kg/cm servos
8ch EzUHF Diversity Receiver
2x hand-tuned 433MHz Antennas


Team BlackSheep RTF low noise wire harness 
Team BlackSheep custom filtered powersupply

Performance figures:

Cruise flight duration 50 minutes
Average flight duration 30 minutes
Travel distance  30 - 40 km
Operating range 15km / 9mi with 14dbi Patch Antenna
45km / 30mi with 24dbi Grid Antenna
Cruise speed 55 km/h
35 mph
Maximum speed
(level flight)
135 km/h
85 mph 
Altitude ceiling
7000 meters
23000 feet
Maximum climb 5000 meters
16500 feet
Payload Up to 500g
1.1 lb
All-up weight 2.2kg
4.85 lb

Build Instructions


What you need if you're getting into FPV

If you are new to FPV we recommend the following equipment to get you started. Do not invest into too complex systems at the start. Down the road you can always add so-called video diversity (2 receivers and a device in the middle to select the best video quality), automated antenna tracking, redundant power supplies and so on. Start out with the basics and expand as you gain experience and reach limitations. 

This list assumes you have all the R/C equipment (transmitter, charger, tools) required to fly planes visually.

  Deluxe solution
Goggles Fatshark Dominator (plug & play)
Carl Zeiss Cinemizer + Ski Gogles (DIY)
R/C System EzUHF Transmitter
FPV Receiver Lawmate 2.4GHz Receiver
FPV Antenna 14dbi Patch antenna (15km/10mi range) or
11dbi TBS Yagi (10km / 6mi range)
Video splitter 4ch RangeVideo Videosplitter
Recorder Lawmate PV-500 EVO
Ground Station battery 3S 5800 mAh
Accessory Camera tripod to mount and aim ground station antenna and receiver

Note: Transmission devises sold for export only are shipped separately. Please consult local laws and regulations before using any RF equipment.

US$ 1,999.00
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