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Fatshark Dominator Video Glasses

The Fatshark Dominator are a rigorous improvement over the Fatshark Aviator goggles. The latest generation comes with a smaller and ridiculously sharp display, which covers the two biggest complaints about the previous generations. Unlike the Attidue product line, this goggle comes with an upgradeable receiver module bay so you don't have to buy new goggles when the newest receiver lines hit the market down the road. The eye cups allow for comfortable wearing, and since the goggles have been tailor-made for the FPV market you can be assured you'll be up and running in no time.

You can use any 2 or 3S lipo battery to power, we recommend approx. 1000mAh 3S. If you're lucky enough to own an EzUHF you can power the goggles directly through the transmitter, no extra battery required.

All the cables you need to get started are included. All this at a pretty unbeatable price.

The optional head-tracker add-on is a plug & play module that you can insert into the goggles. The PPM output works with pretty much any popular transmitter and is - as usual - plug & play with the EzUHF brand transmitters.

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